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Norfolk Island Pine Vases

Norfolk Island Pine Vases always display an amazing range of colors and patterns. The red dotes are branch locations. This is one of my favorite Woods. It grows in Florida and Hawaii.

I became aware of this wood and turning in a NY gallery. In the rear of the store was this beautiful wooden bowl on a stand. While admiring it, a sales representative appeared. He explained that the bowl was a Ron Kent piece. This bowl would be an excellent investment opportunity as Ron was retiring.

I knew nothing of woodturning, Norfolk Island Pine or Ron Kent. I requested the cost and was told $3000. The idea to make an investment was no longer a consideration. However, I concluded that for for $3000 I would take lessons and purchase the equipment. I found a place a workshop and two days into the class I left the store with a lathe and tools. Thus the addition began.

This started in 2009. There is something metaphysical about removing layers of wood to expose colors, textures and forms.

Gift Ideas

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Still looking for that special gift. Additional unique items are available in my Etsy shop.


I make all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the three horsepower Robust American Beauty lathe. Considered to be one of the best lathes it is capable of turning a two hundred pound log down to a twenty pound furniture stool. That is several garbage cans of wood shavings. It is also capable of making small items like wood jewelry. The lathe alone cannot make finished items. Every piece requires secondary decorative and finishing processes to enhance the item and make it unique.


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