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Matisse Falling Leaves Vase

Matisse Falling Leaves Vase is inspiration from the art of Matisse during the period he could no longer paint and set about creating his art by cutting paper forms with a pair of scissors. This vase is 12 1/2 inches tall. I carve the  leaves from Apple wood and which sit proud by approximately 3/8 of an inch and then painted.  There is remaining  a section of the bark to retain the look of the original tree trunk.

I find that I go back to the art of Matisse often for his flowing lines and organic shapes. I have made many Matisse pieces.  He is one of my favorite painters. His shapes are simple and elegant and no one can draw a curve as clean as he did. This  Matisse Falling Leaves Vase is an sculptural form with the leaves that are in many of his paintings and the paper collages.  My signature, Alan Adler is on the bottom.

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Gift Ideas

Also, if you have a moment check out other Wood Arts in my Etsy store.


This One of a Kind piece as are all the items I make in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My primary machine is the wood lathe.  It is with this tool that I shape the form.  Once the form is turned I take it to the workbench for carving, painting and finishing.

Care for your wood art

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight and minimize exposure to wide swings in humidity levels.

  2. Do not wash with water, but if necessary use only a damp cloth

  3. Wax lightly with a quality food safe wax or oil and buff to restore the luster.  I like beeswax, walnut oil or mineral oil.


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