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Hurricane Sandy Ambrosia Platter

Hurricane Wood

Hurricane Sandy Ambrosia Platter represents the destruction of this devastating storm in the region I live.  It did cure my addition to pick up logs on the road as I now have a lifetime of wood from neighbors and friends. This platter is a gift to a friend who lost her majestic maple.  The size is 15 inch diameter by 3 inches high.  All of my wooden items are signed on the bottom and they are also food safe.

This Hurricane Sandy Ambrosia Platter is from the Maple Species. It is handmade on a wood lathe. The Ambrosia Beetle enters the tree trunk and creates these wonderful markings as he eats his way through the tree. Every bowl has unique markings.  Notice the dots in the brown streaks.  This is where the beetle enters and leaves the wood fibers.

Gift Ideas

Picture a wood platter filled with fruits as the centerpiece of your table. This platter has already been sold in a gallery. If you would like a platter like this let me know as I do accept commissions.. Take a look in my store for available items.

You can also look at my Etsy store where I offer a large selection of wood bowls and platters.


All items on my website are handmade by me in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  When you purchase from me I guarantee that you are getting an original piece.  My primary machine is the three horse power Robust lathe.  It is capable of making a bowl up to twenty four inches i diameter.  You will need a big table and a lot of salad.  The heaviest item I have made is a twenty pound stool from a two hundred pound log.  The smallest items are pieces of wood jewelry.  Every piece that comes off the lathe requires secondary operations at the workbench to refine the piece.


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