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Grieving and Healing Platter

Grieving and Healing Platter is a commission for a family honoring the passing of their dad. A Cherry Tree grew at the dad’s grave site. The tree became very large and the cemetery decided the tree had to be removed. The son made a request to officials to allow him to have the logs from the tree. His desire was to make some meaningful family heirlooms from the wood.

I got a phone call requesting that I make items for him, his mother, brother and sister. This will be a challenge, but I love the idea of this commission and doing something meaningful for the family. I believe I accomplished my goal in honoring their father.

During the process of of making this Grieving and Healing Platter it developed a large crack in the center and turned upward into the shape of a flower. At first I was upset thinking that the piece would be a failure. I let it sit for a few more days and it continued to crack and deform. Then It came to me that this was a gift from nature and a design opportunity. The platter began to fold together in the shape of a flower with a hole in the center where the pith was which is the beginning of life for a tree. It was then that I know the direction to take. I airbrushed the form in red poppy colors.

To me this piece symbolizes a hole in the heart from the loss of a loved one and the healing that takes place over time as good memories return. This is the link one of the other items for the family. They are four color pencil vases which also represent life.

Studio and Gift Ideas

My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. If you are looking for a special gift for your family take a look in my store on this website or Etsy. I also accept commissions.


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