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Four Vase – Commission

Four Vase – Commission is a set of four vases with colored pencil rims and pyrography decoration that I made for family honoring their dad. A Cherry Tree grew at the dad’s grave site. The tree became very large and began to cause damage in the area. The son made a request of the cemetery officials in allowing him to get logs from the tree. His desire was to have meaningful family heirlooms created from the wood.

I got a phone call requesting that I create items for him, his mother, sister and brother. This will be a challenge, but I love the idea of this commission and doing something meaningful. This Four Vase – Commission consists of four handmade wood turned vases from the supplied cherry wood. I make a lot of items with colored pencils and wanted to make something for the family with this material. It make the vases unique from my other work. I added Pyrography decoration. Pyrography is a branding process with a red hot wire. The symbols that I branded into the wood are of the galaxy and life. The symbols are water, stars and DNA. The pieces were then finished with variations of airbrush stains. I believe I did right by the family in honoring their father.

Want to learn a little more about Pyrography then take a look at this link.

This is the link one of the other items made for the family. They are four natural edge bowls.


My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe. This allows me to make the form. Then I take it to the workbench where I will refine the object and make it special. I do this with pyrography which is a branding technique, carving, staining and airbrushing.


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