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First Aid Stitches For Platter

This Platter developed a boo-boo so I fixed it with leather stitches. Now this First Aid Stitches For Platter is an art piece. The story behind this piece is that I submitted it to a gallery. The director noticed that there was a hairline fracture. It did not go all the way through the wood, but the director said clients would resist purchasing it with the appearance of a crack. I took it home, drilled a few holes, added a few leather stitches and it has now found a happy home.

Design Opportunity

Several of my turner friends would make firewood of a piece with this flaw. I see these flaws as design opportunities to create one of a kind items with character. There are wood purists who object to paint on wood. Very early on I was interested in decorative processes to add character to a piece. This may include carving, piercing, painting and airbrushing. I use cooper paint and oxidizer on some items so the wood appears as metal. This really drives the Purists crazy. For me wood is a canvas. After all, the stuff grows on trees. Imagine a museum if there were canvas purists. The walls would show only white panels. and the paint industry would cease to exist. If you like First Aid Stitches For Platter then take a look at this platter where I use leather and a zipper.

Unique Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a unique gift and do not see it in my web store then take a trip to my Etsy Shop. I am constantly postIng new items.


I make all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. Most work starts on the lathe where I create the form. I may then spend time finishing and refining before the item is complete.


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