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Fern and Ginkgo Vase


As with much of my art, I derive inspiration from Nature. Plants, leaves and seed pods are a consist source for inspiration. I admire the delicate ferns that come up every Spring in our garden. The delicate lace like leaves intrigue me. Then another favorite is the Ginkgo leaf. Is there anyone who does not like the shape of a Ginkgo leaf? I often challenge myself to recreate these wonders of Mother Nature. This Fern and Ginkgo Vase embody my favorite plants. Over the years I have produced many plant and seed pod sculptures borrowing from Mother Nature. This Fern and Ginkgo Vase features both wood turning skills on the lathe and hand carving at the studio bench. The goal is to remove as much negative space as possible so that the leaves appear to be floating in air.


I design and produce all my items in my USA, Montvale, NJ studio. My primary tool is the wood lathe. This machine helps to establish the form. Once the shape is complete the piece goes to the workbench where I perform secondary processes to make a unique piece. This can include carving as on this sculpture. I also use paints, stains and beach to add color and interest. The final step is to add a protective coating.

This wooden vase is a perfect display piece which castes great shadows with proper lighting. My signature is on the bottom. This Matisse vase is the inspiration for this Fern Vase. My goal was to create a lighter piece with more open space with the fern fronds and Ginkgo leaves.

If you are looking for a perfect gift check out my store on this website and if you want to see more items check out my Etsy shop. I am also represented by several galleries and the names can be found in the About section.


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