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Ebony Guitar String Ring

This handmade Ebony Guitar String Ring features exotic ebony wood with a guitar string set into in a tight groove. One would think that making a ring is a piece of cake.  Making a quality ring actually takes as long as it does to make a bowl.  Extreme care must be taken to the make a proper fit.  Then the finishing must be flawless.  Any error that shows up as a chip or scratch becomes magnified.

This Ebony Guitar String Ring is really cool if I must say so. My friend is a musician and I asked for some old guitar springs to explore the idea of combining the wood with metal.  It takes a lot of time to place the cut string into the recess. I actually had to cut some steel and make a special tool.  When the groove is complete I push the string into the channel and glue it in place.  I am happy with the result and will revisit ring making again.  The problem with rings is that there are so many sizes so it is very difficult to build inventory with the variety of sizes and the type of wood the consumer may desire.  I do not wear rings, but if I did then I would be producing many rings.

I began making jewelry in 2010.  Starting with pendants and then onto bracelets and bangles. Then moving to earrings and cuff links and other fashion accessories.  I enjoy working with small objects as much as I do with very large bowls and find both necessary challenges for new discoveries.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some unique jewelry items take a look in my store.

I also have an Etsy shop with other jewelry items.


I design all of my items in Montvale, New Jersey. USA.


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