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Crazy Face Vase

Norfolk Island Pine Species

Crazy Face Vase in Norfolk Island Pine wood.  This vase is approximately 6 inches in diameter by 4.5 inches high.  This wood has so much personality.  The red spots are tree knots where the branches came off the tree trunk. Very often these red spots will look like eyes staring out of the wood. Branches grow in concentric layers.  It think this is the only tree that does this. Other trees grow branches randomly.

I am totally in love with this wood and it is the reason why I am a wood artist. Each pieces is unique and full of surprises with crazy color variations from light to dark.

My Journey Into Wood Turning

Norfolk Island Pine grows in Florida and Hawaii. I first across this wood in a New York gallery  specializing in contemporary art. I was attracted to an incredible wooden vase on a pedestal.  The owner noticed my interest and explained it was made by Ron Kent a retiring Hawaiian artist.  This bowl is a one of a kind excellent investment, he claimed.

Beginning My Journey

I knew nothing about woodturning, Norfolk Island Pine or Ron Kent and I was curious to learn the cost. It is only a modest $3000.  The idea of making that investment was out of  DOA. But, I had the brilliant idea that for $3000 I could take lessons and buy the equipment so that I could make bowls just like this.  The same attitude that moms at craft fairs say to artists, “My  kid can make that.”  Several months later I found a place that gave lessons.  I left the store with a $2000 lathe with the necessary tools.

This started in 2009 and the addiction is as strong as ever. There is something special about peeling away layers of wood exposing colors, textures and forms.

Gift ideas

If you like the Crazy Face Vase look in my store.

Additional unique items are available in my Etsy shop.


I make all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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