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Caribbean Ocean Platter

Caribbean Ocean Platter is a neat piece of maple burl with loads of character, but just a little too bland after finishing. I took a leap by applying blue dye to the Burl and it instantly became this stormy ocean. My wife grabbed it as hers and she does not claim many items. She says that I make too many round things. Go figure. The size is 8 Inch diameter by 1 inch high.

It was by accident that I would learn that when Burl wood gets a dye finish incredible formations of color appear.  When this platter was complete it seemed to be missing something.  I took a gamble by applying blue dye to the surface.  Like magic these swirls and textures appear.


A burl is the round bump that occasionally grows on a tree trunk.  Some people incorrectly think that it is a tree cancer.  It is not harmful to the tree and most likely formed to protect the tree after an insect attack or storm damage.  Typically wood grain is in a straight line.  In a burl the grain direction is random which results in beautiful patterns.

Gift Ideas

Picture this Caribbean Ocean Platter as a display piece your table. This beautiful home decor item is already taken, but if you would like a burl platter let me know as I do accept commissions.  All of my bowls and platters are food safe.

Take a look in my store in the bowls and platters category for available items.

Please look at my Etsy store for an additional selection of wood bowls and platters.



All items are handmade in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. I will divide my time between turning a form on the wood lathe and finishing decorative operations at the workbench.


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