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Burned Redwood Platter

California Firewood

This Burned Redwood Platter is wood from a California wildfire.  The missing chip at the top and the cracks at the base exhibit fire damage.  I am very happy with the result and the organic features that make up this wood platter.  Upon receiving this wood I had my doubts that this piece would amount to anything.  It sold very quickly in a NY Gallery to a California resident.  I could not be happier that it is back in the State of California where it belongs.

Adler Theory of Ugly Wood

I have a theory that the uglier the wood on the exterior the more potential it has to make a beautiful item.  The thing that enjoy the most about turning is peeling away layers of wood to expose interior patterns and textures.  The wood that makes this platter is no different.  The outside was fire scared with burns and I thought my purchase was a mistake.  Just look at the swirls of earth tone colors.  Manzanita is another wood that can only be harvested when it is damaged in a fire.  I purchase Manzanita from an arborist In California.  What appears to be a useless wood product makes the most beautiful wood objects.

Gift Ideas

If you like the Burned Redwood Platter and looking for a unique gift, perhaps for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary then take a look at the collection of platters in my web store.  If you have time to check out more of my items in Etsy.


I design and produce all my art in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  I divide my time between the wood lathe and the studio bench.  After the form is complete it goes to the bench for secondary operations that will enhance the piece.  These techniques may include carving, piercing, airbrushing, pyrography and finally applying a protective finish.


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