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Blue Sphere Urn

Blue Sphere Urn is a Hollow Form style that features an antique Asian porcelain lid. The overall size is 5 inch diameter by 5 high.  The wood is Maple that features a blue stain and a high gloss finish.

I purchased 40 antique hand painted European and Asian vase and bowl lids made in the 1700 and 1800′s that were missing their bases.  I that hope you enjoy this collaboration with artists from the past. This was a two year journey developing a wood base for each lid.  There are an infinite amount of design decisions and choices to be made.

Antiquing Find

My wife and I were weekend antiquing and we came across these lids missing bases in an upscale antique store.  Curious as to why the lids are on display, I asked the shop owner for more information.  He explains that many dealers have drawers filled with antique lids expecting that one day they will find a matching base and make a great return on their investment.  I tell him that I am a wood turner and promise to make new bases for the lids.  With a very strange look he agrees to sell me eight pieces.  When I return a few weeks later I show him the results and gift him the one he favors the most.

I ask to purchase the remaining lids. He basically gifts them to me with the promise that I show him the developing series.

If you like Blue Sphere Urn here is a link to another piece in the series Antique Collaboration

Unique Gift Ideas

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I design and produce my items in my Montvale New Jersey USA studio. My favorite machine is the wood lathe, but I will spend as much time at the workbench doing finishing work to complete the decoration.


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