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Birch Wood Zipper Platter


This is an extraordinary wooden Birch Wood Zipper Platter. During the finishing process the Birch platter split open which occasionally occurs as wood dries. I like to refer to this incident as a design opportunity. The wooden platter was to pretty to become firewood so a zipper solution saved the piece. A zipper fills the void to complete this whimsical piece.

This Birch Wood Zipper Platter is a perfect home decor Display Piece. It is a great conversation piece. There is no doubt that your friends will notice the zipper and want to talk about this piece.


The process to make a wooden platter is to cut a section from a large log with a chainsaw. We refer to this section as a coin. The coin is put onto the lathe and as it is spinning at high speed a gouge which looks like a chisel cuts the concave shape for a platter. Then I turn the platter around and to shape the rear with a foot so the platter sits properly on a table. Then I apply a food safe finish and the platter is ready to use. Unless, something happens like it did here. The moisture content was high and as the platter dried tension in the wood caused it to crack. There are two choices at this time. Use this as a design opportunity or use it as firewood. I prefer design opportunities.

The artist’s signature, Alan Adler, is on the bottom. If you like this item take a look at Twisted Sister which also features a zipper.

Gift Ideas

For other original pieces and great gift ideas take a look at my Etsy Store.

I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. You will always get an original piece when you purchase from me.


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