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Adam and Eve Vases


Adam and Eve Vases are walnut wood sculptures that stand 10 inches high and represent the male and female form.  It took hours to shape the feet with proper proportions using files and sandpaper.  I do not recall where the inspiration came from to develop this piece.  The process to create a piece in the maker’s mind and then to implement it fascinates me. Sometimes inspiration comes from something that appears as seed pods in nature.  At other times an idea spontaneously comes to mind.  If someone asks for a male and female set of vases I do not think this is what I would come up with.  Challenge thirty artists with the same task there is no doubt in my mind that there would be thirty different solutions.  

Development of Wood Art

It is interesting that lathe wood art first appears in the early 1970’s. Prior to this period and dating back to early Egyptian history woodturning was employed to make utilitarian items. These items were most likely for preparing and eating food.  A ceramic artist by the name of David Ellsworth was experimenting with wood.  His goal is to create in wood the forms he was making with clay. Developing the process to make Hollow Forms in wood and making his technique available to other turners the arena of wood art came to life.  If you like these Adam and Eve vases take a look at my Magritte sculpture Night and Day Sculpture

Gift Ideas

Should you be looking for a unique gift and do not see something in my web store take a look in my Etsy Shop.


I design of my items in my Studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My main tool is the wood lathe, but I find that I will spend a considerable amount of time at the studio bench refining my art.


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