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Wood Sailboat Regatta

Design Opportunities

Wood Sailboat Regatta is a design opportunity. Design opportunities come at unexpected times when something goes wrong and a change in direction is required. It supports the classic statement, “Make lemonade out of lemons.”

While working on a bowl one day it exploded into several pieces. There was a crack hidden in the wood. This is a Holy S… moment. There is a loud bang with pieces going airborne. Experienced turners know to stand to the side of their work so they are not in the line of fire should this occur. After a deep breath and checking for blood I went looking for the wood scrap metal pieces. I gathered them from the floor. Stacked in my hand, they looked like sailboats.

The design opportunity was to make this incident into a wood sculpture. The pieces nested together perfectly for a Wood Sailboat Regatta. Clean up the edges and paint bold primary colors this may turn into something. When complete I posted it online and it sold within a week.

Here is another example of a design opportunity. After turning a shallow bowl a dark bark inclusion ran across the center. It was a distraction and it did not work for me. What I did see was a dividing line in the bowl and thought I could make a statement about Segregation and Life on the Wrong Side of the Tacks.


I design and produce all of my pieces in my studio in New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the Robust wood lathe. After I complete the form the piece goes over to the workbench for secondary operations which include pyrography, carving, painting, stains and a protective finish.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a unique gift take a look in my website store and my Etsy Shop.


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