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Sea Urchin Beach Treasure

Sea Urchin Beach Treasure is a wood sculpture of a Sea Urchin.  To make this piece there are several techniques that I use including turning, carving and bleaching,  Madrone wood is perfect for creating faux sea creatures. The size is a 5 inch diameter.

Here I explore making wood sea urchins using Madrone wood.  After turning the hollow form on the lathe it will take several days at the workbench working on the details with various tools.  In the end the piece will look like it washed up on the shore.

Madrone wood grows on West Coast.  As it dries, it distorts and takes on a new shape.  When a coral form comes off the lathe it is a perfect sphere.  In a few days the shape  changes making it a perfect material for these creatures.

When complete it is impossible to identify the urchin as made from wood.  My objective in this series is to change the appearance of wood so that it no longer looks like wood. The inspiration for Sea Urchin Beach Treasure is nature.  At one time or another everyone will search a beach hoping to find a starfish, sand dollar or a sea urchin.

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Gift Ideas

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This sea urchin sculpture as are all of my items is made in my studio Montvale, NJ USA.  My primary workshop tool is the wood lathe.  This machine allows me to create the form.  Then the piece goes to the studio bench where carving, piercing, painting and finishing will take place.


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