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Albert LeCoff Retirement Artbook

This beautiful Albert LeCoff Retirement Artbook book features over 50 artist gifts to Albert LeCoff upon his retirement in 2019. He is the founder of The Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia, PA. This gallery focuses on wood art with a museum of over 1200 unique handmade wood art items.

Albert is one of the most influential people responsible for developing Woodturning into a recognizable Art Form. It is an honor that my gift to Albert is in the Albert LeCoff Retirement Artbook with so many of his friends and leading creative artists in the craft.

There is also a wonderful store that offers wood art from contemporary wood artists. My first visit to this Gallery was in 2009 when I just started my turning experience. Albert welcomed me with open arms. He encouraged me to keep practicing and to learn the history of the craft. I purchased several books that he recommended and my knowledge of the art form increased as did my desire to break out of my comfort zone.

Center for Art in Wood

About five years later I received an invitation to have my work represented in the Museum Store. I will always be grateful to Albert for his encouragement and support. It doesn’t get better than this for a wood artist.

Handmade Gift Items

My gift to Albert is the vase on the left hand side of the photo. The form is that of a vase. I then added my signature rim of color pencils around the top perimeter that also appear just below the top edge. Three feet are carved at the base to give the appearance of lift. The square boxes are pyrography textures and then airbrushing for the color. The vase represents all the skills that can be applied to a basic turned piece to make it more interesting. I owe this awareness to Albert that began with my first visit to the gallery is 2009. Here is another pencil rim item.


I design and produce all of my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey USA.


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