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Organic Manzanita Bowl

Organic Manzanita Bowl

Manzanita is one of the most beautiful woods I get to work with as a wood artist.  If organic forms and textures with bumps, crevices, valleys, holes and cracks appeal to you then you will love this Organic Manzanita Bowl as well as other Manzanita pieces on my site.

Manzanita Burl

Each Manzanita root burl has its own unique character. It is really ugly In the raw form with bumps and scars, dirt and rocks on the surface. This confirms my theory that the uglier the wood the better looking will be the final piece. Manzanita is a very difficult wood to fabricate because it contains rocks and dirt which requires frequent sharpening of the cutting tools. It can be exhausting to shape an item like this Organic Manzanita Bowl. As I battle with each piece I promise not work with the wood again. However, when I complete to piece the beauty is complete satisfaction. No matter how difficult, there is no doubt I will continue making pieces from this wood.

The wood comes from a logger in California who has a license to harvest Manzanita wood. Only after a destructive wildfire is permission given to dig up the root balls of the dead tree. The burls are costly and highly sought after. There is no other wood that I can think of that yields such beautiful turned pieces.

This Manzanita Bowl features challenges in turning Manzanita. The bark inclusions and open voids form weak spots that allow projectiles to fly off the spinning lathe.

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Here is another example of a Manzanita piece Manzanita Burl Bowl


I design and produce all of my work in Montvale,  New Jersey, USA. It is an honor to be able to create items that you may want to take into your home.


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