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Manzanita Bowl With Voids

Gorgeous Manzanita Root Burl

I love the organic nature of this Manzanita Bowl with Voids. Manzanita root burl is perhaps the most beautiful wood I work with. It is really ugly in the raw form. This leads to my theory that the uglier the wood the better looking will be the final piece. It is the most difficult wood I fabricate as it contains rocks, sand, dirt which quickly dulls the tools. It is a physical battle to tame a Manzanita Bowl, but the final results as you see with this Manzanita Bowl With Voids is well worth it. Each piece is a struggle and I swear I will not work with the wood again. But when complete I can see the unique beauty of the wood. There is no question that I will continue to work with this wood.

Harvesting Manzanita Burl

I purchase this exotic wood from a license California logger who harvests wood after a wildfire destroys a region. Manzanita is a protected species as it should be. There is a limited supply of this product. It is expensive and highly sought after. I cannot think of another species that yields such beautiful turned pieces.

Manzanita Burl Can Be Dangerous to Turn

The Manzanita Bowl With Voids shown here features the challenges that are common in working with Manzanita. There are bark inclusions and voids. Surface rocks and dirt quickly damages sharp tools which require frequent sharpening. The open areas create a dangerous situation which allows pieces to break off and fly across the room during the turning process.

Here is another example of another style Manzanita piece with different features Manzanita Sphere

Unique Wood Gift Ideas

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I design and produce all items in my Montvale, New Jersey Studio. When a customer purchases from my store I guarantee that they are receiving an original piece. I never sell items from third parties.


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