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Ocean Burl Bowl


Ocean Burl Bowl features incredible color effects that take place when applying dyes to Burl. Here the blue dye transforms this bowl into a deep ocean. Natural Burl with a proper finish is naturally beautiful so it becomes a difficult decision to add dye to a burl bowl that is complete. The effect is immediate and permanent so it is always a gamble the maker may not like the result. I approach this process with apprehension, but I have never been disappointed. This piece is Oak Burl. The patterns in Oak are very different from Maple, Elm or Poplar. With experience it becomes easy to identify the species by the patterns.

What is a Burl?

A Wood Burl is the round bulge you may notice on a tree. Scientists believe it is a defense mechanism the tree uses to protect itself against storm damage or insect infestation. It is not a tumor or tree cancer. What makes it so sought after by wood artists and furniture makers is the grain patterns which are random and in all different directions. Most wood is straight grain and parallel to the growth of the tree.

Here is another Burl piece with an application of dye. The dye saturation in the wood created the ocean effect. I did not know what to expect, but I am very happy with the results. Adding a protective finish encases the patterns further.

Gift Items

If you are looking for a special gift similar to Ocean Burl Bowl and do not see something in my website store take a look in my Etsy Shop.


I design all my art in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA, studio. Most items begin at the wood lathe to create the form. Once the shape is complete I may spend more time completing the piece in order to achieve the result that I am seeking.


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