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Natural Edge Family Commission

Cherry Tree Wood Becomes Family Heirlooms

Natural Edge Family Commission is a set of four natural edge bowls that I made for family honoring their dad. A Cherry Tree grew at the grave site. Eventually, the tree became too large and began to cause damage in the area. The son spoke with the cemetery officials into allowing him to secure logs from the tree. He understands that meaningful family heirlooms can be created from the wood.

Natural Edge Wood Bowls

I received a phone call asking if I would design items for his mother, sister and brother. This would be a challenge, but I loved the idea of this commission. This Natural Edge Family Commission consists of four natural edge bowls. Natural Edge is a style of woodturning where the maker orients the log so that the bark edge forms the top rim. It is a very organic form and and I knew it was appropriate for the family. The bark remained in place which is not common during the process. The grain and the color of the cherry wood was stunning. My feeling is that four similar pieces for the remaining family member was a good design achievement.

This is the link to one of the other items made for the family. The name is Genesis and it represents life. A totally different style in the form of a platter with pyrography symbols for water, land, and life. I received an Award for Genesis in Saratoga New York.


My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the Robust Lathe considered one of the best. I am able to turn a two hundred pound log down to a twenty pound furniture stool. It allows be to make wood jewelry as well. Once the form is complete on the lathe it goes to the workbench for secondary operations and finishing.


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