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Native American Style Pottery

Native American Style Pottery is a grouping of wood vessels inspired by Native American Art. The pottery made by the Native Americans was for utilitarian use like preparing and eating.  I studied the artwork on vintage pottery and borrowed designs for these wooden vessels.  I am very sensitive to working with Native American designs as so much of their art is ripped off. Often it is not respectful of their culture as I have learned from two Native American friends. The wood is Madrone which is a great wood to simulate the asymmetrical shape of pottery. The sizes range from 1 inch diameter x 5/8 to 3 3/4 x 2 1/4.

Spirit Bowls

These shapes are commonly found in pottery.  I am not sure how useful this small opening at the top is for food preparation.  Perhaps they are to store spices.  The story I like the best for this shape refers to them as Spirit Bowls.  It is a believe that ancestors would visit living relatives and would need a safe place for protection.

Hollow Form Style

The style for this shape in wood turning is a Hollow Form.  The shape is common in pottery and glass as the materials are fluid.  Working a piece of wood to this shape requires special tools to enter a small hole at the top of the form.  The Maker removes wood from the interior unable to see the cutting of the material.  He is continually measuring the wall thickness with calipers.  This requires practice and developing a skill set to make this form.

If you like Native American Style Pottery here is a link to another Hollow Form Ellsworth Style Hollow Form


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