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Maple Bowl with Rim


Maple Bowl with rim features beautiful and unique grain patterns.  The size is 8 inch diameter by 2 inches high.  Every once in a while I get an incredible piece of wood like this.  My theory is that the uglier the raw material appears it is hiding a beautiful interior.  Such is the case with the log from which this wood bowl came.

Wood Grain and Patterns

The patterns in a wood log are actually predictable as a Maker gains experience processing wood for projects.  We all know that trees typically grow vertically from the ground up.  The wood fibers are like straws.  The tree trunk consists of thousands of these straws carring water to the leaves.  Each year a new age ring forms.  In a dry year the rings are thin and close together and in wet years they thicker and farther apart.

In the center of the trunk is the pith where the seed growth began.  Once a log is cut it is easy to identify the center pith and the age rings.  As the log dries it begins to crack and you see small check marks and large cracks radiating from the pith.  This occurs as the wood dries.  These stresses are why you may purchase a length of wood for a project only to find it twisting in a few weeks.  


Ever notice a big bump on a tree truck. That is probably a Burl.  It is not tree cancer.  It is the way a tree protects itself after storm damage or insect attack.  The wood from a Burl is highly sought after because of the grain patterns.  The fibers grow in different directions creating unique patterns.   Burls often grow at the base of the tree to support the weight of the tree.


Another place Makers like to process wood is the section known as a crotch where large branches meet.  By cutting across that section and you will find feather type patterns.  Here is an example. Winged Victory Platter


I design and produce all my items in my Montvale, New Jersey studio.  A piece like Maple Bowl with Rim begins on the lathe. Finishing takes place at the studio bench. If you are looking for a special gift check out my Etsy Shop.


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