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Life Cycle Bowl

Life Cycle Bowl features a piece of Norfolk Island Pine (NIP) wood. In the United States NIP only grows in Florida and Hawaii. I believe that it is the only tree where the branches grow in concentric layers. This is unlike other trees where the branches grow randomly. This piece does not have any knots, but you can see them in this piece. These knots appear as eyes looking out into the world.

This Life Cycle Bowl features symbols that tell the story of life on earth. Symbols are Water, Ocean, Sea Life, Flora, Man and the Galaxy. The other unique thing about Norfolk Island Pine is that an artist can alter the wood so that it appears translucent. The process is very tedious and can take weeks. The item is submerged in boiled linseed oil saturating the wood. It is left to dry and then the process may be repeated several times. When held up to a bright light the bowl glows amber and orange.

True Story

I was searching for an art medium to satisfy my creative drive. For thirty plus years I owned and managed a package design firm creating custom solutions for our customers. It was time to revisit my design roots and create my own art. I walked into a gallery and there was this Norfolk Island Pine Bowl glowing orange from across the room. I never saw anything like it. The director gave me the pitch on what it was and why I should purchase it. The $3000 price will be a great investment. On the way home the thought came to me that for $3000 I could take a few lessons to learn the skill set and purchase the equipment. A few weeks later I found myself in a two day workshop. I fell in love with turning and left with a $2000 lathe.

My Studio and Unique Handmade Gift Resource

My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. If you are looking for a unique gift take a look in my website store or my Etsy Shop.


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