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Basket Weave Hollow Form


This Basket Weave Hollow Form vase is Apple wood. Hollow form is a style of wood turning on the lathe where the artist makes a small entry hole and removes the wood with special tools. The tools look like hooks and the maker goes through the cutting process not being able to witness the wood removal. This takes lots of practice to develop the skill level.


Pyrography creates the basket weave texture which is branding wood with a red hot wire. An artist wraps a wire around a cylindrical shape like a nail and then slides it off. You now have a series of loops with two leads to attach to a power source. Flip the switch on and the wires become red hot and are ready to brand the wood.

Remember the experience in the Boy or Girl Scouts and using something that a soldering iron. That tool never got hot enough to do anything. Today with professional tools wood artists can now do realistic illustrations.

After the basket weave texture is complete the entire Basket Weave Hollow Form receives a black dye coating and a protective finish. The size is 4 inches diameter by 5 inches high.

This is another example of my work that features Pyrography.

Gift Ideas

My work is represented is several galleries. One special gallery and museum worth a visit is The Center for Art in Wood located in Philadelphia.


My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary machine is the American Beauty, Robust wood lathe. This is an accurate and well made tool that can turn a two hundred pound log down to a twenty pound stool. It is also capable of making forms like this small vase that weighs less than one pound. Once the form is complete I take the piece to the workbench for secondary operations like pyrography, sanding and finishing.


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