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Banksia Seed Box

Handmade Banksia Seed Box is made from a Banksia Seed which is unique to Australia.  The flower goes to seed and forms an enormous Seed Pod.  It is the size of a large cucumber and similar in shape to a giant American pine cone. The oval shapes are where the seeds fall out of the Pod.  These Seed Pods are great for making items because they are extremely unique and exhibit wonderful earth tone colors. This box features exotic woods for the ascent  pieces and the lid. The overall size is approximately 2 inch diameter by 3 inches high.   My wife immediately claimed this piece.

This is a perfect small box to keep jewelry safe on a nightstand.  Stop searching for your rings and earrings.

Gift Ideas

Similar items are available in my store. These items are great gifts for a special friend, Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift or Father’s Day Gift. Not many turners  have access to getting the pods so you are getting something very unusual.

If you like this Banksia Seed Box take a look at some other boxes in my Etsy Shop.


I design and produce all items on this website in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  My primary machine is the wood lathe.  This tool helps me achieve the form.  Secondary operations are required at the studio bench to refine the piece.  Some of the techniques may include carving, pyrography which is wood branding, staining, painting and applying a proper finish.

Care for Banksia Wood

Keep out of direct sunlight and minimize exposure to wide swings in humidity levels

Do not wash with water, if necessary use only a damp cloth

Wax lightly with a quality food safe wax or oil and buff to restore the luster.  I like beeswax, walnut oil or mineral oil.


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