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Antique Knock Off Bowl


Antique Knock Off Bowl is an experiment with color and texture. I threw everything at this piece using pyrography for texture, modeling paste to smooth out the depth of the burns, color dye stains and finally gold paint.  I enjoy making wood no longer appear to be wood. The size is 3 inch diameter by 2.5 inches tall. The style of the piece is Hollow Form Turning.

Let’s step back in time when man started to work with metal.  With some texturing and gold paint I can achieve an antique metal effect on wood. It is a theme that I often pursue.  The viewer will pick up the object and believe it is metal.

Hollow Form Turning

Hollow Form Turning is a style of wood turning that changed everything for wood turners in the early 1970’s.  A ceramic artist, David Ellsworth thought it would be possible to produce in wood a shape that he was making in clay.  It was a large body with tiny opening.  You may be familiar with these shapes as incense burners.  With clay a maker can manipulates the material into a small opening.  Wood is a different challenge as wood always gets smaller.  I discuss this process in other places in more detail.

Here is a link to another piece like Antique Knock Off Bowl with a patina treatment Wood Metal Alchemy Vessel

Gift Ideas

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I produce all of my items in Montvale, NJ USA studio by dividing time between the lathe and finishing at the workbench.  The lathe is my primary machine.  With this device I form the shape.  This is just the beginning as now I will use a variety of techniques to add interest refining the piece.


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