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Adirondack Tool Theme Chair

Child Size Adirondack Chairs

At two years of age I create a theme chair for each grandchild.  This is Oliver’s Adirondack Tool Theme Chair.  He loves tools so guess what?  This is a child size chair.  It was honored with Second Place Award at the 2012 Adirondack Furniture and Accessories category at the Northeastern Woodworkers Association Showcase in Saratoga, NY.

This is the second of five chairs that I have built. Oliver is a tool freak.  He loves watching me on the lathe and enjoys drilling deep holes that spin out large flower shape shavings. All the components of Oliver’s Chair are made on the band saw and lathe. Every chair has its own challenges. The kids looks forward to to seeing what grandpa will make for their second birthday. I believe these chairs will become heirlooms. I can see how much the kids appreciate them by the placement in their rooms.

Building the Chair

Each chair takes over 40 hours to build. This is from the time I conceive the concept to final assembly. It takes almost a full week to cut, turn, sand, shape, paint and assemble each chair.  It is a challenge to create these items. Each chair will push me out of my comfort zone to develop new skill sets.

The seat is a slats of rulers. The back of the seat features different tools including pliers, hammer, file, paint brush and level. The arm supports are mallets that I turned on the lathe. The arms are french curves, not so common anymore for drawing arcs. The seat supports are hacksaws.

Here is the chair I made for Grandson Jack. His interest is cars.

Gift Ideas

If you need a special gift for a love one take a look in my Etsy shop.  You can be confident that you are purchasing an original Alan Adler item when you buy from this site.


I design all of the items like this Adirondack Tool Theme Chair in my studio in New Jersey, USA.


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