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Zebra Wood Vase

Zebra Wood Vase is an early experiment with sand blasting.  The goal is to highlight the soft and hard wood grain of the growth rings.  Once I achieve the different levels of grain surface  I paint the entire form with white milk paint. Next I cover the white paint with black paint.  Finally, I sand the black outer layer to reveal white strips on the higher level of grain which is the hard wood. There is potential here to continue experimenting with texture and color.

The style of this vase is Hollow Form Turning.  This technique took off in the mid 1970’s.  Prior to that time most wood turning was for utilitarian needs.  Wood bowls were produced for serving food and entertaining.  This style began to open up opportunities for the craft to become an art form.  The Maker makes a small opening at the top and with special tools removes the interior wood.  The turner is unable to see what is happening inside the form so he must continually measure the wall thickness so that it is not too thick or become so thin that the outer surface is cut through.

If you like this Zebra Wood Vase here is another piece in that style. Ellsworth Style Hollow Form

Gift Ideas

Several galleries exhibit my work and you can see the listing in the About section.  Should you be looking for a unique, one of a kind gift check out my Etsy Store.


I design all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  My primary machine is the wood lathe.  This is the tool I use to create the form.  Once the form is complete it will take a variety of secondary procedures to finish the item.  These may include carving, piercing, pyrography, airbrushing and painting.


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