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Wooden Oak Burl Bowl

Burl Wood Bowls

This Wooden Oak Burl Bowl has incredible character. A Burl is the bump sometimes growing on a tree trunk. It is rather ugly from the outside, but the inside offers amazing opportunities for the artist.

This Wooden Oak Burl Bowl has tons of character with the texture and colors that are unique to oak burl. When you notice a round bump on a tree that is a burl. Most likely the cause is when the tree suffered insert damage or environmental damage and the tree creates a level of protection. Burls are highly sought after by wood workers because the grain patterns offer wonderful finishing opportunities.

Picture a one of a kind handmade wooden bowl like this one on your dining room table. My signature is on base of all my bowls. If you are frustrated searching for your keys and cell phone a bowl like this is the perfect catch-all for these items when you return home or go to sleep. Just remember to put the items into the bowl and life will be a breeze.

Unique Gift Ideas

An item similar to this will be perfect in your home or as a gift for that special friend. You know that wood is the 5th Anniversary Wedding Gift. Need a Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift? If you like this Oak Burl Bowl you should check out my other oak items. Also visit my Etsy Shop for unique items.


I design and produce all my products in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe. I use this tool to create the form. Once I am happy with the shape I will enhance and refine the item at the studio bench. I may use a variety of techniques which include, pyrography, carving, piercing, staining and finishing.


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