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Wood Football Box

Birthday Gift

Wood Football Box Is a Birthday Gift for my Grandson Oliver who is football crazy. I turned the football form on a wood lathe. When the shape is complete the form is cut into two sections. Each section then goes back on the lathe. Then I remove the interior wood to complete the hollow interior to create a box. Using pyrography which is a wood burning technique I decorate the gift with pertinent information.

Pyrography Decoration

Pyrography is a method that allows a maker to decorate wood by burning symbols and lines into wood. You may remember from your Boy Scout and Girl Scout days those useless tools that look like soldering irons. So frustrating and a waste of time and creativity as they rarely reached a working temperature. Today, pyrography tools have high wattage and are sophisticated tools. This enables artists to do incredible art including realistic illustration.

I use pyrography often to enhance my art like this Wood Football Box. Here is another example of a wood piece employing this branding technique.


I design and produce all of my work in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe. I use this tool to make the form. Once I am happy with the shape I will take the piece over to the workbench to refine the concept. Several processes can take place including pyrography which is branding symbols into the wood surface. I may also carve with power tools and or a high speed dental drill. Coloring may entail staining, milk paint, acrylics or an airbrush. I hope that you like what I am doing to produce unique items. If so, please look in my store on this website and my Etsy store. I also accept commissions for custom requirements.


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