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Wood Carved Poppy Flower


Wood Carved Poppy Flower is a Bradford Pear that features turning, carving and staining. Cup burrs are tools familiar to jewelry makers form the pollen field and a dry brush applies the gold.  I struggled with this piece for almost a year. I would work on it and not be happy with the texture or the color.  It would remain on the bench for months at a time. I was ready to abandon the project when professional turner, Keith Tompkins encouraged me to continue. The size is approximately 6 x 5 inches.

The main tool that I use is the wood lathe to create the shape.  When I began this wood turning journey I was happy with the piece coming off the lathe.  As my skills increased I became interested in decorative processes to enhance my designs. This includes carving, piercing, pyrography, stains, paints and airbrushing.  This Wood Carved Poppy Flower incorporates many of these techniques.

This is another Wood Art  item that features secondary techniques to make the piece more interesting. Poppy Seed Pods in Vase  Here I turn a vase with a grouping of seed pods.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift, please check out my website shop.  Additional items can be seen at Gallery 23 in Blairstown, New Jersey.

Studio an Development Time

I design and produce all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. While the primary tool is the wood lathe I will spend a significant amount of time refining and decorating a piece at the workbench.  Because I am not a production turner the amount of hours I spend on a piece is not as important as it is to produce interesting work.  This makes pricing very difficult and results in earning less than minimum wage on many items.  The challenge is to establish a fair price against the time it takes to complete a piece.


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