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Walk Like An Egyptian


Walk Like An Egyptian.  It is a fact that Starfish do silly things. This is the fourth Starfish piece in the series. I am now exploring humor in this grouping.  This is an Ash model to see if it will work on a larger scale. The size is 4.75 high by 3 inch diameter.


This piece is turned on the lathe.  I make a series of concentric rings for the different heights of the pointing fingers.  Next I carve away the extraneous material creating the five fingers. I create the texture with a pyrography tool which looks like a soldering iron with a red hot wire tip.  This brands the wood with the symbols around the base and the texture on the starfish. The base has symbols for water and a blue stain. Remember those useless wood burners from the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?  Now there are professional tools allowing makers to do illustration.  T 

I found a bunch of starfish washed up on a Long Island beach.  I took them home and dried them out.  They have become the inspiration for a series of items featuring these guys.  I make a form on the lathe and then trace them onto the wood.  Here is the first starfish piece and my favorite. 

My Studio

I design and produces all of my art in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  The primary tool that I use is the wood lathe to make Walk Like An Egyptian .  My addiction is removing layers of wood and watching the block become the form I am pursuing.  Once the form exists I will spend many additional hours at the workbench refining the piece.  It is a form of meditation where the hours melt away and the object takes on a life of its own.


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