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Volcano Crater Bowl


I call this bowl Volcano Crater Bowl because it reminds me of an violent event.  There is severe damage and beauty at the same time. This bowl features incredible color and textures from the root burl. The size of this piece is 6.5 diameter by 3.5 inches high.

Manzanita Wood

Unlike any other wood Manzanita offers the wood artist opportunities to experiment and explore organic forms.  Manzanita root burls are the most beautiful woods I work with. Every piece has its own character in color, shape and form.  In its natural state Manzanita it is not attractive at all. Only after peeling away the outside layers does the wood reveal its hidden secrets. My theory is that ugly wood is always hiding a beautiful inside.

Manzanita is difficult wood to process as it contains rocks and dirt.  This requires the turner to constantly sharpen tools as they dull. It is a struggle to shape a piece like the Volcano Crater Burl Bowl.  As I battle with each piece I promise not work with Manzanita again. Then at completion the unique beauty becomes apparent.  Yep, I will do it again and have the same conversation with myself.


I purchase Manzanita from a California logger licensed to harvest Manzanita after a  wildfire. Rightfully so, Manzanita is a protected species due to a limited supply making It both expensive and highly sought after.

This Bowl highlights the challenges of working with Manzanita. The bark inclusions and voids become weaponized projectiles by flying off a fast spinning lathe.

Here is another example of a Manzanita piece Organic Manzanita Bowl


My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  This is where I produce all items on the website.  My primary tool is the wood lathe, buy often I am spending more time at the workbench.


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