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Vintage Country Table Legs

These Vintage Country Table Legs are from yellow pine vintage beams that are from a mid nineteenth century New York City Brownstone. I often collaborate with my good friend Rob, the owner of New York City Slab. New York City Slab salvages vintage lumber from demolished buildings in the New York City area. With all the construction and gentrification, there is lots of lumber going to waste. We are proud to be preserving a part of history by giving this wood a new life.

Recycled Wood

It is amazing how beautiful a dirty 200 hundred year old beam will clean up. After pulling the nails from the beam and it is goes to a milling machine and the top surface is like new. This maybe no more that 1/8 of an inch and the wood looks spectacular with a unique patina. Rough size legs are cut from the beam and the legs are then formed on the lathe. Once the Vintage Country Table Legs are ready they are assembled to the table top which is also made from upcycled wood.

Differences Between Furniture Makers and Wood Turners

Furniture making is flat work because the process is to assembling flat sections of wood. This is quite different from turning which yields cylindrical work. Finishing on a lathe is much quicker. It is the reason why so many furniture makers become wood turners. Many wood turners will tell you that turning can be an addiction. There are no in between take it or leave it turners. I have not seen a more passionate group of artists in any other craft.

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My Studio

Everything that I design is a made in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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