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Tooth Fairy Box


This is a Tooth Fairy Box for my granddaughter Mia.  This Ebony Box features a rhinestone bead that she found on the street during a walk we had together and I set into the lid.  One of my favorite wood turning activities is making unique gifts for the grandchildren.  At the age of two they get a special Adirondack Chair featuring their current interest.  The themes are tools, music, automobiles, fantasy and arts and crafts.  Here is one of those chairs.  Tabi’s Adirondack Style Chair

Finishing Techniques

My Woodturning Journey takes me down different paths.  When I began turning the lathe was the primary tool.  Often I would be bored with the bland complexion of the wood and this led me to search for ways to enhance my projects with a variety of decorative techniques.  These include carving, painting, staining, airbrushing and pyrography.  I became interested in creating objects made from wood that no longer look like wood.  There is a series of vessels that appear to be metal Antique Wood Quartet and a group of sea creatures Sea Urchin Beach Treasure

Gift Ideas

Should you be looking for a special gift take a look at the items for sale in the store on this website.  There are also additional items in my Etsy Shop.

I also accept commissions if you are looking for a unique item.


I design and produce like this Tooth Fairy Box in my New Jersey Studio.  My primary tool is the wood lathe.  Most items start at the lathe to create the form.  Once the shape is complete I will spend a significant amount of time a the workbench developing textures and refining the piece to give it character.  The processes that I use include pyrography which is wood burning, carving, staining and airbrushing.


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