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Teapot and Antique Lid

Wood Teapot

Several years ago there was a trend to make wooden teapots.  This Teapot and Antique Lid is totally useless for function, but a great exercise to expand creative horizons.  The basic process is to turn a wood form in the shape of a bowl.  Then turn a spout by making a vase form and then a handle which is a ring shape.  Once all the components are made it will take several hours to fit the components and not show any gaps.  For the lid I use an antique lid.

I bought 40 antique hand painted European and Asian bowl lids produced in the 1700 and 1800′s  that were missing their bases.  I fabricated a new base for this Teapot and Antique Lid.  This lid is European.  The overall size is a 3 inch diameter by 2.5 high.

The wood is Walnut that is power carved to add a texture to match the flower pattern on the lid.  I want to thank Michael and Cynthia Gibson who offered advice on constructing this item.

Antiquing Find

My wife and I were weekend antiquing and we came across these lids missing bases.  Curious as to why the lids are on display, the shop owner explains that traders have drawers filled with lids hoping to find a matching base.  I tell him that I am a woodturner and promise to make new bases for the lids.  He agrees to sell me eight pieces.  When I return a few weeks later I show him the results and gift him the one he favors the most.  I ask to purchase the remaining lids. He basically gifts them to me with the promise that I show him the developing series.

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Special Gift Ideas

Need a special gift? Take a look in my Etsy store for a one of a kind gift idea.


I design and produce my items in my Montvale New Jersey USA studio. My favorite machine is the wood lathe, but I will spend as much time at the workbench doing finishing work to complete the decoration.


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