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Sunrise Hollow Form


I spent three days studying with Master Turner, David Ellsworth famous for creating hollow form turning.  The method requires maintaining a small opening removing most of the internal wood.  This creates a very lightweight form similar to a gourd.  The size of Sunrise Hollow Form is 7 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall.  The opening is a 7/8 inch diameter hole and a 1/8 wall thickness.  The wood is Beech with a Tung oil finish.  If you like Sunrise Hollow Form here is another example of a Hollow Form.  

Hollow Forms

Typically a bowl features a large opening tapering to a small base. Hollow Forms have a very small hole at the top. It takes patience to develop a skill set to make a piece like this. A maker does not see the wood he is removing from the inside the hole. He uses calipers and listens to the cutting sounds as an indication if things are going well. Hollow Form turning is credited to the Master Artist, David Ellsworth in the 1970’s. For centuries the focus of wood turning was making utilitarian items for food preparation and eating. This invention and technique became the moment in time establishing the art movement in wood turning.


I produce my art in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. All items are unique and handmade by me. My primary tool in the American made Robust Wood Lathe. This machine is capable of converting a two hundred pound log into a twenty pound stool. It also is accurate to produce jewelry items weighing less than an ounce. Once the form is complete on the lathe I will take it to the workbench for secondary operations. These may include pyrography which is a branding technique, carving, staining and applying a protective finish.


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