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Sunken Treasure Bowl


My objective with Sunken Treasure Bowl is to make a Native American style vessel with a band around the side.  It was a promising piece of Manzanita burl wood and when I began the process it turned out to be an ugly block of wood with blotchy coloring. I went on vacation and when I returned the piece was totally deformed and cracked. 

Lets step back a few centuries to the Bronze Age. With some copper paint and oxidizer I can achieve an antique effect. I enjoy creating pieces that no longer look like wood though this is not my initial intention with this piece.  Just means I must remain flexible when design opportunities become available. The size is 6 inch diameter by 5 inches tall.

Wood Alchemy

It is fun to change the appearance of wood to metal. It is a theme that I often pursue.  The viewer will pick it up and believe it is metal.  Madrone changes shape when it dries making it a perfect material produce organic shapes.  The process is to make shape, paint it with copper and oxidizer creating the patina.

Here is a link to another piece like Sunken Treasure Bowl with this patina treatment Faux Antique Vessel

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift take a look at my Etsy Shop


I produce all of my items in Montvale, NJ, USA studio by dividing my time between the lathe and finishing at the workbench.  My primary machine is the wood lathe.  I use this tool to create the form.  Once the shape is complete I take the piece to the workbench for secondary operations.  This may include carving, piercing, pyrography which is a wood burning technique.  Once these processes are complete I will sand and add a protective finish. 


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