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Stella Meets Mondrian


Stella Meets Mondrian in this sculpture where all of the pieces are from one large vase from which I cut all the components.  I explored this concept previously with my post “Sea Worms” which is much more organic. Here I am looking to make an assembly with sharp edges and bright colors.  I am combining the strong graphic shapes in Frank Stella paintings and the bold colors of Mondrian’s grid painting. The size is 7.5 tall x 7 wide x 4.5 inches high.  Here are links for Frank Stella  and Piet Mondrian. 

The Process

I like the concept of deconstructing a form which in this cases was a tall vase and using the cut sections to build a new form.  Making the vase on a lathe and then cutting circular sections offers clean forms in a variety of sizes.  Then cutting the circular shape into C shapes and U shapes  provide infinite opportunities for assembling sculptural forms.  I will continue to explore this process to create more items.  Here is the link to Sea Worms which was the first piece I made with this process leading to this more sophisticated piece, Stella Meets Mondrian.  It came about when I was making a bowl that had severe cracks.  I call this a design opportunity when the path I am on has to change.  Sea Worms Wood Sculpture

Close Encounter

I  showed this piece, Stella Meets Mondrian, at a symposium for woodworkers.  A note was left by a viewer that she wanted to speak to me.  I called her on her mobile number and we met at the piece.  She asked if I knew Frank Stella.  I told her I didn’t and asked why she would ask that.  I turned out that she worked for Stella.  You never know how people connect through art.


I design and produce all of my art in my New Jersey, USA studio.


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