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Spalted Sphere Globe

Spalted Sphere Globe took First Place in the October Challenge for Woodturners Group forum on the Internet. This is a great group where makers share their art and assist each other. The monthly competition was to make a sphere. Did I mention I was the only entry? It was like going to a party on the wrong day and no one is there, but still having fun.

The wood is spalted birch.  Spalting is the decaying process that occurs after the tree dies.  The most intense patterns occur while the tree trunk is laying on the ground.  Water, minerals, bacteria begin to enter the wood fibers and this process creates pattern similar to the ones in this Spalted Sphere Globe. Eventually the wood becomes spongy and starts to fall apart.  At this point the wood is useless to the turner.  The blue lines are turquoise resin and represent rivers.

Turning a sphere on the lathe does take patience and practice.  There are jigs that some turners purchase for making spheres.  I enjoy the freehand process and the result is almost as good and more satisfying than a machine made piece.

Here is a sphere that I made with starfish which I hollowed out the interior wood and just their tips are touching.  I Want To Hold Your Hand

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I design all of my art in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA Studio.  My primary tool is the wood lathe.  It is on this machine that I create the shape.  Once I am happy with the form the piece goes to the workbench for secondary operations.


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