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Shark Teeth Bowl


My grandson, Oliver, found these Very cool shark teeth and fossils on an island beach in the Chesapeake Bay. I cast them in resin in this Shark Teeth Bowl so he could have them for a very long time. I turn a wood bowl with a wide rim with a recess and place the teeth in the well. The rim is then flooded with resin making this a one of a kind gift This is a technique that I developed with colored pencils. Here is another bowl that features coins around the rim cast is resin. French Franc Coin Bowl


Woodturning dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Throughout the centuries and particularly the industrial revolution a lathe was a tool to make utilitarian parts. The most common item being a wood bowl with the purpose to prepare and consume food. It is not until the 1970’s that woodturning began to develop as an art form.

The revolution began with David Ellsworth who transferred what he was doing with ceramics to wood. David began to share his technique with craft makers and wood art took off from there. David has helped me expand my horizons. I am the first person to carve and decorate wood in my club and I took a lot of grief from the “Wood Purists” who believe wood should not be decorated. Some of them got over it and joined the movement. There are still many makers in the wood community who object to use of color pencils in woodturning. My message to them is that wood is a canvas for this art form.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift take a look in my shop for a gift for your friends. Additional items similar to Shark Teeth Bowl are available


I design all my items in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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