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Seashell Wood Bowl

This is a Shell Shape Natural Edge Cherry Bowl. Seashell Wood Bowl is a gift to my student and wood supplier.  This piece of wood has incredible character.  The feathering effect beginning at the top left edge is where a branch grew.  At these intersections wonderful patterns are evident due to the change in the direction of the grain.

Natural Edge

Natural Edge is a style is woodworking where the bark location is an important feature of the product.  This is common in furniture and table design.  It is also an important organic shape that appears in woodturning.  At times the bark is left in place, but the bark is sometimes  removed or falls off.

Tired of searching for your keys and phone. This Cherry Bowl is the perfect catch-all for cell phone or jewelry for dropping them in a safe place when you get home or go to sleep.  All you have to remember to do is to put the items into the bowl and life will be easier.

Picture a beautiful handmade wood bowl similar to this one on your table.  It is not often one finds wood with these gorgeous patterns. The wood species is Cherry with very unusual markings. This bowl is perfect for fruits, salads, candy or simply a display piece on a table. My artist’s signature is on base as it is with all my Woodturning.

Gift Ideas

An item will be perfect in your home or as a gift. You know that wood is the 5th Anniversary Wedding Gift.  Need a Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift? If you like this Seashell Wood Bowl you should check out my other bowls like Flight Natural Edge Bowl

Are looking for an unusual gift.  Take a look in my Etsy Shop.


I design all my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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