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Sea Urchin Ornaments

These Sea Urchin Ornaments feature real sea urchins with wooden finials. They are unique and will make fabulous Christmas Tree decorations. Known as Sputnik Urchins they have knobby bodies and are from Indonesia. The shell is the skeleton of a sea urchin which is an animal. Want to learn more about sea urchins?

I choose the best looking sea urchin shells. Then I turn wood finials for the top and bottom sections. It is very rewarding to be able to use Mother Nature creations in my art. I am always searching for unusual organic items. I also use acorns, pinecones, anise stars and cinnamon sticks in both jewelry and vases.

Jewelry Making

I began exploring jewelry in 2010. It started with wooden pendants shaped on a wood lathe. Next were bracelets and necklaces using color pencils cast in resin. Color Pencil jewelry have become my signature pieces. Then came earring and incorporating natural objects from nature. These include Anise Stars, Cinnamon Sticks and Sweet Gum Seed pods cast in resin. The effects are remarkable and it is not easy to identify the item. Take a look at this handmade brooch

Gift Ideas

If you are searching for a special gift there are many choices in my store. Check out the Jewelry and Cool Stuff category. Many additional items are available in my Etsy shop.


I design and produce these Sea Urchin Holiday Ornaments in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My time is spent forming the shapes on a lathe. Then I refine them at the studio bench. Secondary techniques include carving, airbrushing and pyrography. Pyrography is wood burning or branding the wood surface with a red hot wire.


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