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Sea Lace Urchin


Sea Lace Urchin inspiration comes for a combination of shell, coral and sea urchin fragments found washed up on the beach. The salt water, sand and air erode the remains of these creatures and leave behind bone white treasures as vacation souvenirs. This piece is now in the collection of a prominent collector of wood art.


This wood sculpture features turning, carving, and bleaching. After turning the shape on the Lathe I will spend several days at the workbench to complete an item like this.  The size is approximately 4 inch diameter by 3 inches high. My objective is to create a one of a kind unique display piece that is no longer recognizable as wood.


Inspiration for this piece comes from Mother Nature. Everyone searches for beach treasures when on vacation hoping to find a special seashell. Sometimes we get lucky and find a starfish, sand dollar or in this case a sea urchin.

If you collect Wood Art this is an exceptional piece to compliment your collection.  If you are considering developing an art collection then this is a very nice place to start.  It is fun and it will be a great conversation piece.  My signature is on the bottom.  There are similar items in my store. If you like this item you may want to take a look at Sea Urchin Wood Sculpture

Gift Ideas

Looking for an exceptional Valentine’s Day gift, Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Housewarming Gift for that very special person.  Please check out additional Wood Art in my Etsy Store.


This Sea Lace Urchin sculpture is made in my studio in Montvale, NJ, USA. My primary machine is a wood lathe that can convert a two hundred pound log into a twenty pound stool or a sea urchin weighing just a few ounces.


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