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Scary Wood Sea Urchin

Scary Wood Sea Urchin is a wood sculpture of a Sea Urchin.  It is fabricated from Madrone wood.  The process to make this piece includes turning, carving and bleaching.  I enjoy changing to look of wood so it no longer is identifiable as such.  Approximate size is 3 inches in diameter.

Madrone is perfect for creating faux sea creatures.  After turning a hollow form shape on the lathe I will devote several days refining the details with various power and hand tools.  When I complete the piece it looks like it came from the ocean.

Madrone grows on the West Coast.   When it begins to dry it will distort and take on a organic shape.  When an urchin piece comes off the lathe it is a perfect sphere. The shape changes in a few days making it a perfect material for these sea animals.

My goal with this series is to change the appearance of wood so that it no longer looks like wood.  The inspiration for Scary Wood Sea Urchin is Mother Nature.  During a beach vacation everyone searches the shore looking for a starfish, sand dollar or a sea urchin.

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Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift?  This is one of the galleries that represents my art located in the quaint town of Blairstown of New Jersey.  It is a cooperative gallery of over 25 artists showing jewelry, photography, wood, fashion accessories and more.  


I design and produce all of my items in my studio Montvale, NJ, USA.  While my primary tool is the wood lathe there are many more tools for secondary operations. Most of work done at the workbench involves carving, piercing, pyrography which is a wood burning technique, painting and more.


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