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Sand Dollars Bowl


The inspiration for Sand Dollars Bowl is Mother Nature.  During a beach vacation everyone searches the shoreline hoping to find a starfish, sand dollar or a sea urchin. Sand Dollars Bowl features sea urchin skeletons finding their way on to shore with waves and currents. The process to make this piece requires turning a bowl, carving away the negative space, pyrography to burn in the lines and bleaching.   The wood is Bradford Pear and the size is 8 inch diameter by 3 inches high.

The Sand Dollars Bowl starts is a thin turned form.  Next I draw the sand dollars in pencil and carve and pierce the wood to form each sand dollar. Several days are spent carving the details.  When complete the item appears as it came from the sea. The finish is bleach with a protective coating.  At this point the piece no longer looks or feels like wood.  My goal with this item is to change the appearance of wood so that it no longer looks like wood.  I have achieved my goal when someone asks, “What is this made out of?”

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Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift?  There are additional items in my Etsy Store.


I make all of my art in my studio Montvale, NJ USA.  My primary machine is the wood lathe.  This tool allows me the make the form.  Once I am satisfied with the shape it goes to the workbench for enhancing which may include carving, piercing, bleaching, painting and more. When I began this wood turning journey I thought I jut had to learn how to use the lathe.  Almost immediately I found out I needed to learn how to sharpen tools.  This requires a grinder and a tool jig.  Shortly afterwards I am fabricating metal tools.  At the same time I am teaching myself airbrushing and pyrography.


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