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Sand Dollar Wobble Bowl


Sand Dollar Wobble Bowl is a semi sphere art object with a sand dollar in the center. Gilders paste is added for color decoration. This is the coloring material for picture frames. Once the half sphere is made it is remounted on the lathe with a vacuum pump chuck which secures the piece to the lathe and this allows me to cut asymmetrical arcs inside the sphere. Basically, as my wife would say, a useless item. Therefore it must be Art. If it is not art is certainly was fun to make. There is no flat spot so the bowl will wobble with a slight nudge.

Wobble Bowl

This Sand Dollar Wobble Bowl is a one of a kind item from a solid piece of wood. There is no flat spot on the bottom of the bowl so it will rock when touched. It ifeatures carving, pyrography, and decorating with acrylics and gilders paste. You can imagine your own story about a wonderful beaches while searching for nature’s treasures on the beech. It is a great desk item and conversation piece. It is very comfortable to hold and may act as a stress reliever. Perfect size for the palm and you will receive years of enjoyment with this type of item. The diameter is 4 1/2 inches and the height is 2 inches. Signed by Alan Adler. You can check out other bowls and you may like especially this Planet Earth Bowl

It will hold jewelry on your nightstand and can hold your ring if you sometimes forget where you left it. Keep this wobble bowl in the kitchen so if you remove your ring to wash dishes it is in a safe place.

Gift ideas

This item will also make an exceptional gift for that special friend. How about that 5th Anniversary Wedding Gift which is wood?  Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift, Graduation Gift. If you have a moment check out my Etsy shop.


I design all the items on this website at my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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