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River Runs Through Vase

River Runs Through Vase is spalting Cherry Wood with tons of character from insect and water damage. I filled the voids with blue resin to create the effect of a flowing river. I have a theory that the ugliest wood a woodturner can get his hands on will yield the most beautiful pieces. One would think that a clean straight log will yield the best wood. Well that is probably true for lumber and furniture grade wood. No knots, the grain is straight, no spalting no bugs. For a turner or at least for me this is a bland piece of wood that will probably require secondary decorations to give the piece character. I prefer the twisted and ugly storm damaged wood that has taken a beating for many years. When I peel away the layers of wood the I am able to expose the character.

Upcycling a Dead Tree

The Spalted Cherry Wood that makes this River Runs Through Vase is from a tree that is on my property. The tree died and stood for many years deteriorating. It began to spalt which is a decaying process that produces earth tone color lines in the wood. It was attacked by bugs and has many holes. There voids are the result all sorts of environmental issues. The cut logs are really ugly and look what I was able to produce. Large voids are filled with blue resin to hold the wood together and add interest. Here is another beautiful piece from an ugly log.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for an unusual gift and do not see something you like in my website store take a look at my Etsy shop.


I design and produce all my items in my studio in Montvale, NJ, USA. My primary instrument is the wood lathe. After a form is complete I will spend time at the workbench refining the object.


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