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Reef Fantasy Wobble Bowl


Reef Fantasy Wobble Bowl is my interpretation of an imaginary sea reef.  It features several craft techniques.  These include off center turning, pyrography, carving and decoration with acrylics, gilders paste and a protective finish.

Reef Fantasy Wobble Bowl is a one of a kind lathe turned Maple wood wobble bowl with fantasy sea creatures on a solid piece of wood. There is no flat spot on the bottom so this bowl will rock with a slight nudge. You can imagine your own story about a what it may be like on a reef.

This is a great desk item and conversation piece.  It is a perfect size for the palm of your hand and can act as a stress reliever.  It will hold jewelry on your nightstand and can hold your ring if you sometimes forget where you left it.  Keep a wobble bowl in the kitchen so if you remove your jewelry to wash dishes it is in a safe place.

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Gift Ideas

Should you be searching for a special gift and do not find that item in my website shop and you have a have moment to check out other gift items in my Etsy shop.


I design all the items on this website at my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  I divide my time between the wood lathe and the studio bench. Once I am happy with the form an equal amount of time goes into decorating and finishing the piece.  I learned a long time ago from a master carpenter this trick.  That the amount of time one spends making the piece requires  approximately half that amount of time to finishing.  To rush the process and not pay attention to finishing will result in unsatisfactory results.


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